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Your Kingdom, Your Garden Part 2

Last week, I shared that our purpose on earth is to create our Kingdoms and gardens (a life) to benefit us, our families and friends, and humanity. This week, I want to dive deeper here, as I feel many live lives that don’t reflect their purpose and aren’t filled with peace and joy.

Your life belongs to you. You have to decide if you’re going to be the ruler that oversees a beautiful land or whether you will allow certain aspects of your life to crumble. Let’s face it; you are the only person you are required to deal with, as long as there’s breath in your body.

Where there is disorder and chaos is because you have not taken the responsibility of governance and management. Bringing order to chaos is not going to happen by magic. There’s not going to be a prince charming or Princess Charming to come to rescue you. Your results will come from you making a decision and being consistent over time. When you plant that seed, then you’re going to see something sprout up. I’m sure you’ve heard, “you reap what you sow.”

You know you are making a decision that is flowing from the heart when it is based on integrity and equity. If you are at peace with your decision, no matter what the outcome is, you were, in fact living from the heart. However, if you decide, and then you’re in turmoil once the results of your decision happened, you are not living from your heart; you are living from an external point of reference. And there will be signs; emotions or thoughts of fear, rejection, depression, sadness.

For example, you may be thinking about your career. If you decide to stay at your current job, it will work out for you because it was inspired by your heart, and you’ll be at peace about it. If you decide not to stay at your job, it will work out because it was inspired by your heart, and you will be at peace with the results and consequences of that decision.

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-Coach Kourtney, The Heart Mentor

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