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How To Identify and Address One-Sided Connections

Have you been in a situation where you are putting all the effort into a connection? The connections where they never text you, you always have to text them first? Or will you never see them unless you make the arrangements or plans for you all to meet? This may be a One-Sided Connection. One-Sided Connections can be found amongst colleagues, friends, family, and your romantic partner. 

If you are at the receiving end of a One-Sided Connection, you may be feeling confused, hurt, rejected, abandoned, or frustrated. The emotions that come from these connections are negative because you have found yourself the only one sustaining and investing in the relationship. 

One-Sided Connections are patterns of imbalance and inequity over a period of time. These connections can be professional, familial, intimate, or established, or potential relationships. 

Signs that you are dealing with this type of relationship is 

  1. A lack of communication
  2. You do all the work 
  3. The other party easily breaks agreements
  4. You are no longer feeling fulfilled by the connection

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Coach Kourtney, The Heart Mentor

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