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Your List Is Trash, and I Don’t Want Your Garbage

Not that it was their business, but someone took the liberty to ask, “how are you doing spirituality?”

They then proceeded to bombard me with questions from their “Checklist of Righteousness.”

And truthfully, by their standards, I was not doing well.

Though this person meant well, I no longer use their list of tasks and rules to validate themselves before God and others. Moreover, I have not since I began living from my heart, my Spirit.

My only validation comes from Spirit.

People who use ‘Right Before God’ lists to validate themselves will want you to use their list to validate yourself. How do I know this? I used to be one of these people; judgmental, pious, and full of assumptions when others did not adhere to what I thought to be accepted by and in good standing with God.

1. Did you fast?
2. Did you cry out in worship?
3. Did you check with your pastor?
4. Did you tithe?
5. Did you pray in the Spirit?
And the list could go on for days.

If you have a list of things you have to do to be right before God, you are
1. using external validation
2. in dysfunction
3. separating yourself from God
4. Limited in potential

Gods only form of validation comes from Spirit. And when you live from the Spirit, the result is life and peace.

There is nothing outside of my Spirit, including my five senses, others that I need to validate me. There are no bowls, no sage, no incense, no nothing because all of that is beneath my Spirit; herbs have a lower hierarchy (frequency) than people. I speak more about this on today’s podcast listen at Anchor.FM/LiveFromYourHeart or link in bio.

Coach Kourtney, The Heart Mentor

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