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Living From the Heart Includes Discipline

In a few conversations I have had, there seemed to be a perception that living from your heart is doing whatever you want, whenever you want. But that is not the case. Living from your heart is to also live from your spirit, breath, energy, vitality.

Many believe that discipline is about restrictions, confinement, and a lack of liberty, but in truth, discipline is freedom. But if a lack of discipline is freedom, then it is a principle that can be applied at all times. But think of the dangers of being able to smoke at a gas station. Yes, it’s your right to smoke in your car, but you put many in danger when smoking with others in the car with you. If our freedom imposes on someone else’s right, it’s not freedom; it’s oppression. When living from the heart, you are not using people as a reference point, but you are aware of your responsibility to others.


I speak more on this on today’s podcast listen at Anchor.FM/LiveFromYourHeart or link in bio.

Coach Kourtney, The Heart Mentor

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