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Why You Shouldn’t Expect Support From Friends and Family

So you aren’t getting the support you want from friends and family, and you’re feeling rejected, unloved, unsupported, disappointed? You support them; why isn’t the support being reciprocated? I want to help you reorient your logic regarding receiving support from those closest to you.

First, you must understand everyone has the right and freedom to do what they want with their lives; they are self-determining. Their life belongs to them.

Second, please grasp that you cannot hold someone responsible for your unspoken expectations. You can only hold someone to what they agree to. Therefore, there should be a written or verbal agreement between you and the other party with terms and conditions.

When you are waiting around for people to support you, you aren’t taking responsibility for your life. You are living as the victim. You are conveying that you can’t do it. But you can. You just haven’t taken the time to reach your target audience. You have to find an organic and authentic way to reach your audience.

I dive deeper into this in this week’s podcast. You may listen at

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Coach Kourtney, The Heart Mentor

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