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Their Opinion Belongs to Them and Them Alone

Have you ever had someone begin to offer you advice on how you should raise your children without you asking them? Or have you experienced someone offering their thoughts on your next career move without you requesting their perspective? To force your perspective, logic, and opinions upon another is a form of oppression. Unless I am coaching or mentoring someone or I am asked my perspective, I never move anyone to take on my logic (and even then, I only deal with areas and subjects they are ready to address.) Why?

1. Each individual has the right to rule over their heart/spirit. For me, to take the position of a ruler in their life is tyranny. Thus, I would not be operating in equity or respect.

2. If someone has not concluded that their perspective is no longer benefitting them, they will not only reject my logic, they will resent me for oppressing their spirit, though they may not be able to articulate it in that manner. This, in turn, affects their mental health, as it may lead to feelings of rejection and anxiety, Etc.

3. Wisdom never attacks anyone. Wisdom waits for you to turn around and acknowledge its call.

Though you mean well, forcing your opinion on others who did not ask for it extends from the need to validate yourself. You want to be seen as wise and intelligent, which makes you feel better about yourself, while in reality, you are seen in the opposite light by the person you are oppressing, as it’s the equivalent of coming into someone else’s home and telling them how to run it.

So, unless you are intentionally reasoning together, and it’s not you bombarding your perspective onto someone, I suggest continuing in your peace and thoughts and allowing others to live out theirs.

You will never find me arguing with anyone about my perspective or theirs because I will only have a conversation with someone willing to reason and discuss, versus dumping their logic and philosophy onto me.

You may also want to consider whether or not that person you are speaking with is someone you genuinely desire to discuss that particular area. If not, I kindly suggest you adhere to your boundaries and move on with your day.

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I love you with all of my heart,

Coach Kourtney
The Heart Mentor

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-Coach Kourtney, The Heart Mentor

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