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Trust Is Consistent Reliability Over Time

It is a societal norm to attribute trust, or to entrust oneself to someone based on what they say or based on a conversation you have with them. Many in this society believe if they share intimate things with you there is trust. For example, people will have conversations with you that are along the lines of speaking to you in a nice manner, and in their minds they are giving you what’s necessary to trust them. In the same way, people that share intimate or private details with you or those that spend a great amount of time with you, may feel the same. You may also find that once they begin to speak to you and you don’t trust them- they have a big problem. Which means that the trust here is dependent upon something that they have THEMSELVES determined as trust. When you are living from your heart,  you will likely notice a variance to your definitions of trust. The definition of trust is consistent reliability over time. When you are dealing with people their trustworthiness is dependent on their history WITH you. If their history is saying one thing and their words are saying another, then that is the fruit they have demonstrated and you should never doubt that fruit. Of course, you should be open to when or if they make a change, but their history is a CONCRETE manifestation of their mindset at work. If you consider their history, instead of their conversation you will save yourself from a lot of hurt and pain. #LiveFromTheHeart

-Coach Kourtney, The Heart Mentor

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