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What Is Living From The Heart?

Over the last few weeks, I have shared the importance of allowing trust to establish over time. I have shared how the state of mind is crucial, as it gives us our outlook and perspective on life. I have shared the importance of not allowing others to dominate your spirit. If you have not read those blogs, I suggest you check them out.

Today, I want to discuss briefly share what living from your heart is. You exist to create your own Kingdom, of which you are the King. Living from the heart means you are living a life of power and authority. This authority does not give you the right to lord over others because living from your heart is also living from equity and entrenched inequality. You are governing your own life. You aren’t the victim, you are the hero, and you are the sole leader and ruler sitting on the throne of your life.

Simultaneously, you contribute to the earth, humanity – fulfilling an internal commission. Additionally, you are not making decisions based on external conditions: opinions of others, circumstances, situations, or what you may deem shortcoming. But all of your choices are made based solely on internal motivation, and that is your heart. When you actively live from your heart, my mentor calls this Self Existent, which means you are solely responsible for your life. To take it a step further, everything you need to produce, increase, and generate in life is already in you.

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-Coach Kourtney, The Heart Mentor

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