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Avoid Allowing Another’s Opinion to Dominate Your Spirit – Part 1

You may encounter instances in life where you are interfacing with someone who believes themselves superior. This person could be someone who has a long-standing relationship with you or from someone in a position of authority. When approaching you in conversation regarding your personal life, you may find them trying to hold YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OPINION. Understand, if a person is holding you responsible to their perspective, what they are trying to do is dominate over your spirit. 

I have ALLOWED others to hold me responsible to their perspective many times over in my life. When someone would approach me with what they held to be their supreme ideal, I would succumb to their opinion, even if it wasn’t something I truly desired to do. In other words, I was using them as my reference point (I talk more about reference points in my Free Training and my eBook. Both of which are found on this website). When I started to transition into living from my heart, my response would be to get loud or scream. I felt resentment because I had decided to live from my heart or self-existent. I was angry that someone was violating my self-existent dignity. Whether their intentions were good or not, they were drawing spirit from me without my consent.

We must take into consideration your responsibility for your own heart and that person’s responsibility for theirs. You are solely responsible for your heart. When I use heart, I am also referring to mind, spirit, energy, life force, and breath. I use them interchangeably, as studies have found they are synonymous. Treat your heart as though it’s sacred. Don’t become entitled, but take full responsibility for the management of your spirit. Therefore, you do not allow people or situations to draw spirit, heart, energy, breath, life from you until you say so. 

Your solution: 

  1. Respect their energy by listening to what they have to say. After hearing, respond by saying, “Thanks for that thought. I will consider it.”
  2. Maintain your boundaries by treating your heart as though it is sacred. 

I will elaborate more on this next week. Feel free to leave comments below.


-Coach Kourtney, The Heart Mentor

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