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“Bri-onne, that’s depression.”

I dealt with mental health issues: depression, anxiety, and stress much of my life and was completely unaware of it. I recall a moment when I was describing to a friend how I felt after my mother had passed away tragically; she looked at me sadly and said, “Brionne, that’s depression.” This friend calls me by my middle name. I was quiet for a moment as I considered her statement. I then realized that I had always battled depression: restlessness, worthlessness, guilt, withdrawing from others, fatigue, anger, irritability, sadness, and difficulty concentrating. Now, of course, when someone we care for passes away, it is customary to mourn their death, but when it leads to depression, in a way, we have stopped living our own lives because they are no longer in ours.

When I began living from my heart, I discovered that depression came from one thing – my logic. Logic is the way you reason. Depression functions as an internal alert, communicating that we feel we have been thrown into a situation that we are not accustomed to, like the Pandemic. In the Pandemic, many discovered that the logic they were working with did not prepare them for many changes, educating our children at home, more time than usual with our spouses, losing employment or working from home, and more.

Many felt like the victim, but I suggest using another lens – that of ruler or governor. You are the ruler of your world. As ruler of your world, I encourage you to view all circumstances and situations independently of yourself, or separate from your person.

When living from your heart, you operate like the governor who never gets personally attached to governmental affairs. This allows for you to make operational decisions that will result in an advantageous outcome. So, this week, step back and look over the situation in your life as the ruler, and you will eliminate depression. I will dive into this more next week.

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-Coach Kourtney, The Heart Mentor

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