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It’s natural to have expectations from our partners, but it’s crucial to communicate them clearly instead of assuming that they are mind readers. Only through clear and open communication can you reach a mutual agreement based on understanding, respect, and love. In this way, both partners feel valued, heard, and respected, and contribute to the relationship voluntarily.

However, imposing expectations without mutual agreement can lead to oppressive behavior, which can happen to anyone regardless of gender. Rather than conforming to societal or religious norms, it’s important to celebrate and respect each other’s individuality. This is the essence of equity and mutual respect in relationships, which is a must if we are to avoid the oppressive nature of imposed expectations.

If you’re current relationship is worth improving or you want to enter into your next relationship with intelligence that will make it last, consider the SO, THIS IS LOVE Workshop. The class will be held online on Friday, February 2, at 7 PM EST, and will cost $50 per person. Each participant will receive an agreement template in the class.

The 90 minute workshop will cover introductions to the following:

1. Communication in Relationships

2. Mutual Agreement

3. Valuing, Hearing, and Respecting Each Other

4. Individuality and Respect

5. Equity and Mutual Respect

6.Avoiding Oppressive Behavior

7. Improving Current Relationships

8. Preparing for Future Relationships

9. Agreement Template